1.  What are we offering for sale?

      • Live Plants
      • Media
      • Containers
      • Accessories
    These are offered both for the domestic and export markets.


    2.  Who are we?                       

    We have been in the flower and plant business from the early 90s. From a 40-acre Dendrobium cut flower farm in Chennai we have transformed ourselves into a plant nursery and farm offering a wide range of plants and related products for retail and wholesale.


    3.  Where are we located?           

    Our nursery is located in the ECR in Chennai and our farm is about 60 kilometers West of our nursery near Kanchipuram. We grow our plants in both these locations spread over 23 acres.


    4.  How do we ensure quality plants for our customers?                                                                            

    We grow our plants under appropriate conditions and in most cases under a controlled environment minimizing the impact of pest and diseases. We have a standard operating procedure for growing, maintenance, quality control & shipping which is meticulously followed whether it is for the domestic or export market. We incorporate best practices from the industry and continuously strive to improve the entire process.

    The plants are inspected for specifications, pests & diseases before dispatch by trained staff. Once it passes the QC process the plant is packed based on its individual requirement and dispatched by courier/other modes of delivery as  requested by the customer.

    5.  How do you purchase our products?                                                                                                            

    The website has simple instructions to select and buy our products. It’s a simple process. We encourage our customers to register themselves in the website so the process of repeat purchases is automatic. Under no circumstance do we store any sensitive information especially related to financial information.
    There are options to gift plants as well.

    6.  How will we know that our orders have been accepted and processed?                                                   

    We will send you an email/s informing you:

      • Confirmation of the order
      • Payment has been authorized
      • Likely date of dispatch
      • Tracking details

      7.  What is the normal time span for despatch?           

      Goods in stock will be shipped within 2 working days depending on the internal processes the plant has to go through. Export will take a longer time span as we have to adhere to rules and regulations of India and the importing country.

      8.  How long does it take to receive my orders?                 

      This would depend on your location and the choice of courier service. Our experience has shown Tier I cities normally take 48 hours and Tier II takes 72 hours and it takes between 72-96 hours for other towns. Remote places can take up to a week.

      9.  In some cases will the plants not perish in transit if it takes a week?                         

      This is purely a function of the type of plants. Our product selection has focused on choosing plants which can ship easily. The website also has colour coded some plants which require a degree of expertise in handling once received.

      10.  How do you handle plants which are received in the mail?                                                                        

      The website has some basic instructions on handling which can be downloaded.

      11.  What if you receive a damaged product?

      In case of damages due to our negligence or through physical damage in transit we are accommodative and either we refund or replace. If the package is damaged please photograph/video the same before opening and share it with us. You should do the same for other damages also. These being live plants the damage reports should be filed within 7 days from date of dispatch and in cases where there is a delayed delivery within 24 hours of receipt. A separate link is on the website for claims on damaged product.

             This is applicable for wrong deliveries

      • Quantity
      • Wrong product

      12.  What will be the cost of postage?                                                                                                                 

      Shipping and handling is included in the price.

      13.  Are there any geographical restrictions on shipping?

      We ship to all places our delivery partners service. With reference to exports we would need to ascertain country rules and regulations before confirmation.

      14.  Which courier partners are we using for delivery?                                                                                      

      Indian Speed Post/ DTDC are our delivery partners

      15.  How do we pay you?                                                                                                                                       

      We accept online payments through all banks, debit, credit and net banking.

      16.  How do you service wholesale orders?                                                                                                     

        Please write to us at sales@13degrees.com for further information related to pricing and deliveries.
        We are also geared for gifting for weddings, special occasions, corporate gifts.